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Beat Cancer Challenge

Raise Money For Cancer and Help Find the Cure



Most cancer organizations and their races raise money for research and treatment, but despite the billions raised, scientists are still looking for the cure. We are unique in that we raise money for education and prevention. Prevention is the cure!

The BEAT CANCER CHALLENGE is a signature “Prevent-Event” concept that can be hosted by as little as one person or an entire group of people in a team-oriented environment. The event can feature any physical activity and take place anywhere in the world. Participants race for any reason and raise money through their personal networks on and offline. All proceeds benefit

Event History

In October of 2009, (Former) Assistant Director Ryan Rendfrey rode a stationary bike for 24 hours at the famous Philadelphia Art Museum Steps. The result was over $8,000 raised for cancer prevention education. This was just the beginning.

His goal was to create a signature event for where supporters can race for any reason and host their own fundraising event anywhere in the world. RACE for CACE (A “Prevent Event”) was born.

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In April 2010, Brian Nolan, a (former) board member, carried the torch by becoming the next single athlete to host a RACE for CACE event. He crossed the finish line in the Boston Marathon and surpassed his goal by raising over $11,000 for the cause!

In November of 2010, the 2nd Annual RACE for CACE was held simultaneously in Philadelphia & Lake Tahoe, raising many more thousands of dollars for

RACE for CACE has now been re-named the BeatCancer Challenge. is looking for people who are passionate about exercise!

  • Do you love to run, bike, swim, row, play ball or engage in any other physical exercise?
  • Do you want to dedicate your personal or group activity to a greater cause?
  • Then race for a reason! Take the BeatCancer Challenge and help raise funds for cancer prevention!

It’s so simple:

  1. Visit
  2. Create your own online fundraising page.
  3. Set a fundraising $$ goal.
  4. Ask your family, friends and co-workers to make an online donation of $1 per mile, point, minute or hour – or contribute any amount – to honor
    your efforts.

Funds collected through your web page will be tracked, acknowledged, and sent directly to

Create your own Fundraising Page with Fundly at


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